From a short social media video to an elaborate communication strategy.

Today, every communication strategy is based around video. It is simply a must for every company or organization.
Our agency is here to help you create the video content that you need. We’ll help you transform your ideas into great content that people will want to watch.

Turning your company communication needs into visual content, Brussels Video Crew has got you covered. Our agency is here to help you create the video content that you need, and transform your ideas into great videos that people will want to watch.

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There are multiple ways to boost your communication with video. A social media campaign, for example, is a great tool to increase your brand awareness or broadcast your message. You may also want to share more video content on your website and online community. Whether there’s a new product to promote, a company celebration to share or simply some visibility to raise.

  • BtoB & BtoC
  • Introduce your brand or actions with corporate videos
  • Produce a series of informative videos: staff training, coaching, lessons, testimonies
  • Launch a new product with a demonstration video
  • Boost your social media game with dedicated content
  • Promote an event or action with teaser videos, highlights and reviews
  • Raise awareness through compelling and entertaining content
  • Show off marketing stunts and viral video strategy

Where to start your video campaign?

Let’s focus on your message first.

What do you want to communicate? Through discussions with your marketing team, we will build a coherent video strategy for your target audience.
Our crew will guide you through the creative process, to get the best out of your message.
We demonstrated our creativity on numerous projects through the years and gained the trust of our clients thanks to the quality of our productions.

It is always an exciting moment when a story is born. Every project is different, we adapt and reinvent to each. Our copywriters and directors propose ideas, and our dedicated producers will translate them into striking videos. Finally, we will also help you implement them in a coherent way on your different media channels.

Already have an idea for a video?

Get in touch with our Creative Team & Producers and we’ll help you develop your story.

You have found the allies you were looking for to translate your ambitions into stunning videos. Thanks to their experience in storytelling, our producers will guide you to reach your goals. Impactful and memorable content to spread your message, getting the best out of today’s technologies.

The quality of the results will always be the main priority. If compromises need to be made to fit a limited budget, they will be done in an innovative way. A video project is a collaborative process during which you rely on your teammates. it’s better to choose those you can trust and who have proven themselves.

Audit of the current situation

Based on a thorough analysis of your previous communications and existing media channels, we propose new solutions to improve your visibility.

Building your strategy

Next, we develop your tailor-made video content strategy through a sustained dialogue with your stakeholders, all the way from pre-production to broadcast or delivery.

The Production

Once all the details are straightened out, we produce the impactful videos you dreamed of. Thanks to their longstanding experience, our talented crew can be trusted to get the best out of every subject and situation.

Show & Share

We can also help you manage and share the videos on your social media page, website or video platform.