Cameraman and Video Production Services

Live Streaming, OB Van & Satellite

Brussels Video Crew provides Live Video for the Web and Television.

We offer different solutions, ranging from the live streaming of smaller events on YouTube, to Satellite News Gathering (SNG) and television broadcasting.

Broadcast television requires higher standard of quality and reliability than web streaming. We provide a complete production van with satellite connection and broadcast grade video and sound equipment. Fly Away units are also available.

Live streaming on your web site

live streaming

With today’s wide availability of high-speed Internet connections, live video is easy to set up and affordable! We can live stream your video on your website or mobile application in any standard resolution or format, up to 1080p HD.

  • The only thing you need is an Internet connection available at the location or venue that you chose. If no Internet connection is available, depending on the location, it may be possible to set up a temporary land connection (ADSL/SDSL…), or using 4G networks, or even a satellite dish.
  • Adding a live video stream to your web site is very easy. We provide a HTML code that you can simply copy/paste on any page of your website or blog (just as you would do with a YouTube video).
  • We can also design a web page that will be holding the video player for your live event.

Portable Live Streaming Kit

  • Live streaming from any location where an Internet connection is available
  • The kit is small enough to be carried as a hand luggage in an airplane.
  • Up to 6 HD input (SDI and HDMI) based on Blackmagic Design ATEM system
  • HD live encoder H264 up to 5 MBPS
  • Perfect for smaller events, conferences, speeches…

YouTube For Your Live Events

Live Streaming on YouTube is easy and saves you money (on streaming fees for a dedicated CDN) without compromising the quality.
It allows you to share your live event directly to your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account… exactly the same way you would share a regular YouTube video.

OB Van with Satellite

  • Live streaming from anywhere. Can use an external Internet connection (ADSL, SDSL…) or with a satellite connection.
  • OB van with 4 seats in production area and loading space for equipment
  • Up to 20 4K/HD input (SDI and HDMI) based on Blackmagic Design ATEM 2ME system, intercom, tally, 64 audio channels…
  • Cameras can be located up to 350 meters from the OB van
  • HD live encoder H264 ATEME Kyrion 5000 HD up to 6 MBBPS
  • Recording in HD/4K ProRes to flash drive
  • Perfect for satellite news gathering (SNG), live duplex, concerts, major congress and events.