Cameraman and Video Production Services

Events and Conferences

  • The best way to promote and generate visibility for your event.
  • Keep a lasting record of your event.
  • BrusselsVideoCrew is the leader in the production of event “After-Movies” and conference recording in Belgium.
  • Vast experience in covering European, corporate and cultural events, we are the experts that you need to higlight your messages in a great movie.
  • Awesome tool to boost your communication.
  • Feed your blog with a series of interviews, send an e-mail with an embedded video to your audience, etc.

After Movie

The “After Movie” is probably the best solution to summarise your event and share some impressions and feedbacks from your visitors. The “After Movie” can be a mix of some extracts of conferences, vox pops, interviews and illustration shots.

Conference / Speech
Recording & Live Streaming

The conference and speeches are often at the heart of your event. Recording these presentations gives you a lot of easily available content for your “After Movie” or to be shared as a stand alone video on your web site. It is possible to integrate slides from a Powerpoint presentation or other media elements. You can also make your conference available as a live streaming.


Recording interviews with your top speakers to inform your audience on a specific topic in a short video. Extracts of the interviews can be used for your “After Movie” or it can be used as a stand alone video to feed your blog or website.

Vox Pops

A Vox Pop is an interview with members of the general public. It aims at recording spontaneous reactions and opinions to your event. It makes great content for an “After Movie”.